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Mobile Apps Marketing – Boosts App Popularity

Having an amazing Mobile application is not enough nowadays. You need to promote it to make your brand visible in this competitive market. VitebMobileApp’s Mobile Apps Marketing and Promotion service boosts your business and take it to the new horizons. Being a leading Mobile Apps development and marketing company, we know what mobile users looking for and where they will get their desired apps. At VitebMobileApps, we participate in Mobile Apps advertising for almost all kinds of popular Mobile Apps - iPhone apps, BlackBerry apps, Android apps, Windows Mobile Apps and others.

Stand out to win

Every app store today, be it iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry App World, is flooded with a number of applications. The trouble is not so much in creating an app suitable for your business, but making an app that stands out different amongst the rest. We make unique, creative and engaging apps for you, not only that we also help you to successfully increase your brand value in the mobile market which ultimately increases revenues. Our strategists use the established and proven methodologies to ensure that your Mobile application gets the deserved attention. The steps involved in our strategy are:

  • A pre - launch campaign
  • Strategically-timed launch
  • Post-launch viral campaigns (mobile, web, videos, podcasts etc.)
  • With in-app campaign via app store's other popular apps
  • Regular updates to bring back existing users for Upgradation
  • Functional Value addition updates
  • Paid promotion
  • Review generation
  • User Feedback based enhancements
  • Sustaining communication stream with users

To get the most out of your Mobile Apps, take our Mobile application marketing services. To know more about how we can increase your profits, call us now or request a quote!

Topping the charts!

Reaching the Top 100 or Top 50 is very important as you stand out distinctly from the crowd. VitebMobileApps uses the best marketing methods to make your app reach the top positions in app stores. We undertake cross-promotional activities, through podcasts, viral campaigns, "how-tos", social media streams etc.


Unlike other applications that burst like a firecr

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